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You can change your clan once a week and your full name once a month. All changes will be logged and available for everyone to view on this page. Using this tool to change your name that is against the rules, (including but not limited to, racist names and names that attempt to impersonate admins) will result in either a kick or a ban and your name being changed back to what it was before.

Recently changed names

User IDTypeFromToTime
25974ClanR1d3r[UA]R1d3r[AFE]16 Aug 2017 at 01:32pm
42376Name[NFS]Pando[SkH]y16 Aug 2017 at 04:53am
29858NameFastLine_[GT][CL]FastLine15 Aug 2017 at 04:15pm
25974NameBA3_YA3_A3A3A3R1d3r[UA]15 Aug 2017 at 12:43pm
40134ClanMcQueen._.[NFS]McQueen._.13 Aug 2017 at 11:33pm
6558Name[FSR]GhostRid3r[FSR]S.L.Benfica13 Aug 2017 at 06:25pm
27532NameOppaiDAISUKI[69]succ12 Aug 2017 at 12:26pm
34192NameAk74[x]30BreakDown11 Aug 2017 at 08:15am
42535Clan_SeLeCT_[AT]_SeLeCT_9 Aug 2017 at 11:00pm
9970Clan[AK47t]Goodfella[AK47]Goodfella9 Aug 2017 at 06:23pm
28548NameEsuna3DSexVilla9 Aug 2017 at 12:12pm
45230Name[CoA]nellynelly8 Aug 2017 at 10:25am
45087Name[RSF]Dremko................kjh8 Aug 2017 at 01:41am
39238NameStartseva[AFE]Startseva7 Aug 2017 at 05:00pm
39238ClanStartseva[RUS]Startseva7 Aug 2017 at 04:59pm
44302Name[SGA]owrmarigold7 Aug 2017 at 11:21am
24327Name[FSR]Grenzgaenger[FSR]GrenzO6 Aug 2017 at 10:50pm
33696NameMaziinbrisalokaMaziinhooH6 Aug 2017 at 04:40pm
42535Name[At]W.Putin_SeLeCT_6 Aug 2017 at 12:59pm
41808Name[FSR]thiaguinho_[FSR]Verstappen5 Aug 2017 at 04:17am
44268Name[MWR]Suucx[MWR]EdwYn4 Aug 2017 at 01:12am
40134Clan[NFS]McQueen._.McQueen._.3 Aug 2017 at 11:27pm
29873Namegrekoblz3 Aug 2017 at 01:48am
25196NamecrimsoN.priobadh2 Aug 2017 at 12:39am
44123Name[FSR]akemy_[FSR]Snapinho1 Aug 2017 at 04:17pm
38415Name[FSR]pussyslayer1337[FSR]GMX30 Jul 2017 at 03:51pm
43178Name[TSR]Luiggi[TSR]Luiggi_Frozza29 Jul 2017 at 01:10am
42000NameDarky.Blonsky26 Jul 2017 at 03:05pm
44539NameHarDziiNN_Oween24 Jul 2017 at 10:49am
25565NameBentleyyo_paso_de_todo24 Jul 2017 at 02:15am
35687Clan[RSX]ExtremeX[FSR]ExtremeX23 Jul 2017 at 09:26pm
44202NameG8M_feeble.feeblee.21 Jul 2017 at 12:14pm
44896NameOcoN_.[NFS]Storm21 Jul 2017 at 02:31am
45153ClanHudsonHornet[NFS]HudsonHornet20 Jul 2017 at 06:56pm
45153NameeAzy_HudsonHornet20 Jul 2017 at 06:48pm
40134Name[NFS]Master[NFS]McQueen._.20 Jul 2017 at 02:23am
11960Name.)nWo(.WeedOnWo.WeedO[FSR]17 Jul 2017 at 03:49pm
44859Name[FT]koreBad._.Boy17 Jul 2017 at 03:42pm
38178NameMeow.xoxo=)Meow.xoxo16 Jul 2017 at 02:26pm
38178Clan[G8M]Meow.xoxo=)Meow.xoxo=)16 Jul 2017 at 02:25pm
44983Name[SRD]RedOneBei14 Jul 2017 at 12:39am
43170NamegallaxySkyline_[RF]13 Jul 2017 at 02:41am
44446NamexSamueL_.xDeadPooL_.12 Jul 2017 at 09:44pm
43356Name[G2R]DougSkyless10 Jul 2017 at 09:18pm
28548Name3DSexVillaEsuna10 Jul 2017 at 02:44am
44799NameHannibalJesusChrist10 Jul 2017 at 01:06am
34526Clan[$R]CraZy.x3[Egales]CraZy.x39 Jul 2017 at 01:22pm
31069NameRalph_Wiggum_OvO_WantSumFuk7 Jul 2017 at 02:26pm
44969Name[HC]The_GuY[ISG]Dee7 Jul 2017 at 04:47am
44420ClanArrascaeta[ISG]Arrascaeta6 Jul 2017 at 08:24pm