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You can change your clan once a week and your full name once a month. All changes will be logged and available for everyone to view on this page. Using this tool to change your name that is against the rules, (including but not limited to, racist names and names that attempt to impersonate admins) will result in either a kick or a ban and your name being changed back to what it was before.

Recently changed names

User IDTypeFromToTime
41796NameNightSkullNightSkull11916 Feb 2018 at 10:20pm
43767ClanJoeyNelson[NKCt]JoeyNelson16 Feb 2018 at 09:05pm
25974Clan[NKC]R1d3r[UA]R1d3r15 Feb 2018 at 12:06am
32626Name_Dar[K]Lord_Silentx1914 Feb 2018 at 04:36pm
44539NameOween[SKR]Oween11 Feb 2018 at 06:20pm
45893NameRaven.SniiKz10 Feb 2018 at 05:25am
43767Clan[zG]JoeyNelsonJoeyNelson9 Feb 2018 at 05:05pm
36919NameDarrenBananapoo9 Feb 2018 at 02:35pm
45451NamexJardeL[NFS]JardeL8 Feb 2018 at 09:36pm
44539Clan[FSR]OweenOween8 Feb 2018 at 11:36am
44693NamexLeonardo_.MegaFire5 Feb 2018 at 02:33pm
43130NameTBJZLKuruHS4 Feb 2018 at 08:22pm
42320NameDominationCriminallyInsane30 Jan 2018 at 08:11pm
42840NameP4D4NGSikkir30 Jan 2018 at 09:36am
26639NameArcangel_[GT][MWR]Arcangel28 Jan 2018 at 11:24pm
41958NameStiven[MWR]Halley28 Jan 2018 at 11:20pm
41337Nameenfieldenwo.enfielde28 Jan 2018 at 03:12pm
41005Name[ER]AccuracyAccuracy27 Jan 2018 at 05:33pm
45922NameRegrahcHellcat_27 Jan 2018 at 01:19pm
41547NameSummer_[RF]Summer_26 Jan 2018 at 12:51pm
45976NamePowewrzinhooBustaRhymes26 Jan 2018 at 02:33am
30239Namemeksjasigie25 Jan 2018 at 08:41pm
25974Name[FSR]r1d3r[NKC]R1d3r25 Jan 2018 at 07:00pm
43767NameJoey_[zG]JoeyNelson25 Jan 2018 at 06:35pm
45566Name[zG]JoeyNelsonDr.Oga25 Jan 2018 at 06:34pm
45082Namenamelessmonst3rRaylight14 Dec 2017 at 01:11pm
44539ClanOween[FSR]Oween12 Dec 2017 at 02:04pm
41005ClanAccuracy[ER]Accuracy8 Dec 2017 at 08:35pm
45748Name[RRA]MaRiAnAMagnussen7 Dec 2017 at 12:07am
45153Name[NFS]MORALPiquet6 Dec 2017 at 11:10pm
44123Name[FSR]Snappe[FSR]SUPREMO6 Dec 2017 at 09:44pm
44864NameRockanLawHawk6 Dec 2017 at 01:26am
32495NamepiradinhaSlendy4 Dec 2017 at 08:44pm
38803NameKraken_[GT]Kraken_3 Dec 2017 at 09:37am
33292Name_dotexemeHow_2 Dec 2017 at 09:51pm
45579Name[G2R]PoderosoNicoRosberg30 Nov 2017 at 05:28am
16720NameShinozaki=FoX=Nekazy28 Nov 2017 at 04:52am
45531ClanKodeing[MWR]Kodeing26 Nov 2017 at 07:24pm
45451NamexVettelxJardeL25 Nov 2017 at 01:21pm
42840NameBellonSky.P4D4NG25 Nov 2017 at 06:40am
40083Name[ST]_SonnyBuDweiSeR_.22 Nov 2017 at 04:11pm
30970Clanracebot[zG]racebot22 Nov 2017 at 04:13am
41808Name[FSR]Verstappen[FSR]BRiNKSS18 Nov 2017 at 03:58pm
13124Namepalm_treeoverlook_hotel18 Nov 2017 at 02:15pm
45172Name[NFS]Knsut[NFS]JosueMotoboy18 Nov 2017 at 04:47am
44539Clan[AK47t]OweenOween17 Nov 2017 at 06:07pm
45634NamePROPHECYLEGENDSNEVERDIE16 Nov 2017 at 01:51am
41647NameRojem_[GT]Rojem13 Nov 2017 at 09:54pm
27532NamePyrophlypaperface_[GT]13 Nov 2017 at 12:16pm
45655Name[SAMP]ShaGGy[SAMP]OblivioN13 Nov 2017 at 10:42am